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Shervone Neckles, printmaking, silkscreen, black womanhood, caribbean artist, Grenada artist, Grenadian Artist, provenance, black female body, interdisciplinary artist, mixed media art, collage, embroidery, contemporary art, contemporary artist, caribbean
Domiciliation: Bless this House Installation
digitally collaged family photos and records silkscreened onto 16-gauge clear polymerizing vinyl chloride (PVC) sheets, constructed into 3D forms using polypropylene webbing with thread and fabric trimming

Installation at CUNY, York College, Queen, NY

Domiciliation: Bless this House is a mixed media installation featuring digital collaged images silkscreened onto layers of clear polyvinyl chloride (PVC) material displayed as both wall hangings and three dimensional storage containers.

The wall hangings capture a liminal figure maneuvering in space wearing a house structure as a headdress, and engulfed by silkscreened layers of neurons. The house structure is a replication of my maternal family home in Grenville, Grenada, built in the mid 20th century. The house survived a fire in 1986 and two hurricanes in 2004 and 2005. In both man-made and natural disasters the family lost primary records, personal ephemera and photos that could never be replaced. To salvage and protect what’s left of my family’s history and ensure that it’s preserved and passed on to the next generation, I’ve constructed a series of three dimensional PVC storage containers to function as a repository for my maternal family’s history.