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Shervone Neckles, collage, caribbean artist, contemporary caribbean art, new york contemporary art, female body, black womanhood, african mythology, caribbean mythology, african diaspora, Grenada, Grenadian artist, afro-caribbean, wellness tea, Jamaica Qu
Creative Wellness Gathering Station, 2016

Healthy women and men build healthy families and communities. To that end, there are simply not enough opportunities available for folks to take time out for themselves in order to feel rejuvenated and learn about fun and achievable methods for achieving and maintaining healthy lifestyles.

Through a series of lively, informative wellness conversations and demonstrations on the origin, purpose, and mixing techniques of a selected group of herbs and spices, participants will identify at least one applicable method and create their own herbal mix to support their individual wellness needs.

To mark and commemorate the exchange, participants will be invited to offer a small portion of their personal herbal blends made during the interactive demonstrations to be used in the creation of a community garment. This wearable garment will function as the physical manifestation of the self-care and nurturing each participant experienced during the exchange. Photo Credit: Winston Neckles.