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Shervone Neckles, printmaking, polyester prints, silkscreen, black womanhood, caribbean artist, Grenada artist, Grenadian Artist, provenance, black female body, interdisciplinary artist, mixed media art, collage, embroidery, contemporary art, contemporary
Provenance Installation at Five Myles Gallery, Brooklyn, NY
Polyester Print & Textile Series

Provenance is a print and textile series, featuring my own figure carrying my maternal great grandparents home. In these self-portraits the home has become internalized and part of my body and consciousness.

Between my Afro-Caribbean and American identity, the home both preserves the memories and legacies, while also balancing the weight of being a first-generation child, carrying the family's hopes and promises for the future. The prints are augmented by mixed media elements of: dried herbs, palm leaves, beading, textiles, and embroidery all emblematic of my childhood memories and the things associated with Grenada. Each piece has its own narrative that borrows from my fascination with Caribbean mythology, physics, colonialism, and Catholicism.