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Shervone Neckles, printmaking, silkscreen, black womanhood, caribbean artist, Grenada artist, Grenadian Artist, provenance, black female body, interdisciplinary artist, mixed media art, collage, embroidery, contemporary art, contemporary artist, caribbean
Domiciliation: Bless this House Installation view
One-of-a-kind mixed media silkscreen prints onto PVC

Domiciliation: Bless This House Installation is named after Mahalia Jackson’s 1956 rendition of the “Bless This House” gospel song. Like a family heirloom this gospel song remains a family tradition that is played and sung at family gatherings.

The house structure referenced throughout the installation is a replication of my maternal family home in Grenville, Grenada, built in the mid-20th century. The house survived both man-made and natural disasters. My family lost primary records, personal ephemera and photos that could never be replaced. To salvage and protect what’s left of the family archive I have developed this installation to capture and hold the evidence of our existence.